2011 NFL Power Rankings: Philadelphia Eagles Won’t Soar over NFL

The Philadelphia Eagles were hands down the big winners of the NFL free agent season, and on paper they look really good. But buyer beware because talk of Philadelphia dominance is being greatly exaggerated by fans and analysts.

It is one thing to put together a fantasy roster and build hope for the season. It is another thing when you actually see what happens when that roster is on the field and playing together.

The biggest reason that the Eagles are being overrated is Michael Vick.

Vick was a great story last year taking over for Kevin Kolb in the second half of the first game and putting together the best season of his career. If it weren't for Tom Brady's dominance, Vick would likely have won the MVP award.

The Eagles had no choice but to bring Vick back because he was so good last year. But the problem with Vick is durability.

He is not a big guy and his playing style is not conducive to playing 16 games. He is going to get hit and hit hard. Last year he missed four games due to an injury sustained while running the ball.

If he misses four games this season, there is no Kevin Kolb in the fold to hold down the fort. Vince Young is not a good quarterback. He has no idea how to read defenses and he gets flustered easily.

And you have to factor in that Vick had a career year last year. He never had a completion percentage higher than 56.4 percent before last year, so why should we think that he will be able to do it again?

The defense, while it will be better in pass coverage, has a lot of questions in the middle. The group of linebackers is not very good, and when teams are able to break through that first line of defense, the Eagles are in trouble.

Asante Samuel is not a good cover corner. Teams always throw in his direction, which is why he is able to get so many interceptions.

The Eagles are the favorites in the NFC East, as they should be since they are the best team in the division. But to think that they are going to be the best team in football, ahead of teams like the Packers, Patriots and Steelers, Jets is more wishful thinking on the part of Eagles' fans.

-Adam Wells