2011 NFL Draft: The Miami Dolphins Have A Question, QB or RB?

Dolphins Have Critical Draft Decision Ahead, But Many Obstacles Loom

The Miami Dolphins are standing at a crossroads as the 2011 offseason gets underway. They have a need for a new franchise quarterback and a new featured running back. The only thing standing in the way of their success is their own front office.

The Dolphins ownership quietly pushed Bill Parcells to the side, tried to hire a new coach before getting rid of the old one and then hired an offensive coordinator who doesn't believe in scoring touchdowns.

Offensive Coordinator Brian Daboll somehow was hired a few weeks ago despite running one of the worst offenses in the league the past two years in Cleveland. Rumors suggest Parcells is high on the guy and the blame for the Browns' anemic offense rests solely on the players and the string of injuries at quarterback.

I'm taking on Parcells here because I watched the Browns play for the last two years and I think he's dead wrong. It happens. I like to think I'm always right, but I'm not. In this case, I am right and Parcells is wrong.

Daboll had no offensive philosophy that anyone could identify. Injuries are a fact of life in the NFL and Daboll could not adjust to that. That's a problem. Even through injuries, the average fan should be able to look at their team's offense and say, "We try and do XXX."

You never could say that with Cleveland the last two years. The offense didn't score a lot of touchdowns because going for the end zone never seemed to be part of the plan. If the players didn't execute certain plays, Daboll ripped out that part of the playbook. That's fine, but Daboll never had anything to fall back on to replace it.

So Daboll has left one team that had no true franchise quarterback, mediocre talent at wide receiver and only one running back for a team with no true franchise quarterback, no running backs and one talented wide receiver.

Good luck with that, Miami. Do you take the quarterback who won't be developed properly, or the running back who will be run into the ground by midseason?

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