2011 NFL Draft: Should Minnesota Vikings Trade 12th Pick For Quarterback?

The Vikings Have the 12th Pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, But Should They Trade it to Bring In an Established QB?

When a team gets a new head coach, it's not uncommon to bring in a new quarterback as well. This applies to the Vikings, as they need a new quarterback to work alongside new head coach Leslie Frazier. They could either draft a quarterback or being in a free agent.

The latter is the only sensible option. The Vikings have plenty of talent on both sides of the ball, especially on offense. Bringing in a rookie would just bring down the established players and keep the Vikings mired in mediocrity. As a result, they need to acquire a free agent.

There are a few options out there, and perhaps the best is Kevin Kolb. He has a few games of pro experience where he has shown he can play well, and he would fit in great with the weapons the Vikings have.

Minnesota would have to give up that 12th pick to get Kolb, but if they were going to use it on someone like Cam Newton or Jake Locker, then they should cough it up. It will be great for them in the long run, and there's enough offensive line talent in the late first-early second round ares that they can move up and get one then if that's what they've been wanting with that first pick.

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