2011 NFL Draft Results: Grading Tennessee Titans & No. 8 Pick Jake Locker

2011 NFL Draft Results Hand Out A Grade To Titans Selection Of Jake Locker

Tennessee made the first shocking pick of the 2011 NFL Draft when they made Jake Locker the No. 8 pick.

Locker, the presumptive No. 1 pick in last year's draft if he had come out, did not have a banner year his senior season in Washington. He struggled with his accuracy, and didn't really live up to the hype that surrounded him coming into the year.


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But part of Locker's struggles, at least in my opinion, can be blamed on playing with a bunch of really bad players. A quarterback can only do so much, and if he has no help whatsoever it's hard to look good.

Based on physical skills and potential, Locker is the second-best quarterback in this draft, behind No. 1 pick Cam Newton. He is an unbelievable athlete who happens to play quarterback, so don't sell him short.

Was he reach at No. 8? Probably. But the Titans had a need, they liked Locker and Minnesota reportedly wanted him really bad.

Locker is a project, but I think he is a safer pick than Newton was.

Grade: B

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