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2011 NFL Draft Results: 49ers Hope Colin Kaepernick Can Lead Offense in 2011

With Alex Smith likely moving on, 49ers draft hopeful replacement in 2011 NFL Draft

The San Francisco 49ers have seen a significant amount of turnover in recent seasons, seeing a number of players leave and more recently sending former head coach Mike Singletary off in the sunset.

With Jim Harbaugh at the helm of the team this coming season there are new hopes of a resurgence and success for future seasons.

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Part of that success was expected to hinge on the team's decision to draft a quarterback with their first round pick. At the time of this pick, Cam Newton was the only QB off the board, leaving Blaine Gabbert or Jake Locker among others available.

They instead waited until the second round when they took Nevada standout Colin Kaepernick. His ability to run will make him a great asset, however his accuracy and overall throwing motion leave something to be desired.

The 49ers have had a number of first round quarterbacks fail in prior seasons, so it probably didn't hurt to think outside the box. At the same time, Kaepernick will almost certainly be a long-term work in progress and may not be able to move into a pro-style offense in the way the organization is hoping.

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