2011 NFL Draft: How Fall Will Michigan State’s Greg Jones Fall?

After Two Days of the 2011 NFL Draft, Could ILB Greg Jones Still Be On The Draft Board?

The 2011 Senior Bowl saw many prospects rise and fall, but perhaps the one that fell the most was a player who has continued to fall round after round, Michigan State's Greg Jones. For as much praise as he gets in the locker room and from coaches, he has not been able to translate that into anything at all for scouts.

In early mock drafts (as in, May 2010 early) Jones was listed in the middle or near the end of the first round. By season's end he had slid into the second, and now he could be selected in the third or even the fourth round.

Why did he fall? According to Todd McShay, Jones was bad in 1-on-1 coverage drills, and he does not match up athletically with some of the better talent that will be drafted. There's no question that he has drive and enjoys the game, but he just doesn't seem to have it.

If a team with a good coaching staff wants to take him as a project, then that could pay dividends for both sides. That's all he is right now though, a project. I see him being taken in the fourth round at this rate, since it seems the more that scouts look at this guy, the less they like.

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