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2011 NFL Draft Grades: Texans Add Depth to Young Secondary in Rashad Carmichael

2011 NFL Draft Grades are in for Texans Who Take Rashad Carmichael Late

2011 NFL Draft Grades are in for the Houston Texans who did well for three crucial days in April. They had a raw secondary that allowed to many big plays last year.

Rashad Carmichael doesn't solve that issue, but he does add vital depth as the secondary matures in the next couple of seasons.

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Carmichael does bring one vital aspect to the secondary, speed. He gets caught flat-footed a bit, but that can addressed through training and through reps in camp.

The Texans secondary allowed receivers to get up the field with no argument. Carmichael can turn and burn better than most. He will stay in stride with some of the fleetest of foot.

What I don;t like is his ability to cover the run. His stature proves problematic against the block. Add some weight and work on the instincts, and the Texans may just have something here.

Grade for this pick: B-

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