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2011 NFL Draft Grades: Patriots Baffle Analysts by Taking Ryan Mallet at No. 74

After falling out of first and second round, Patriots move in to take Ryan Mallet in third

With many teams having issues at quarterback it was expected that at least five or six would be selected in the first couple of rounds. Sure enough, four quarterbacks were taken in the first half of the first round and more were taken in the second round.

A name almost unexpectedly absent however was Ryan Mallett. The Arkansas quarterback was widely considered one of the most talented QBs available with a stronger than average arm and ability to put the ball into tight pockets.

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A number of off the field issues regarding discipline and drug problems among other things however kept teams away from him as he continued to tumble.

The Patriots made an interesting decision in selecting him with the tenth pick in the third round. With Tom Brady having just signed a four year extension starting this season it would appear unlikely that Mallett will find time to get snaps barring another serious injury to Brady.

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