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2011 NFL Draft Grades: New York Jets Grab Scotty McKnight Due to Mark Sanchez?

New York Jets pick prolific Colorado wide receiver Scotty McKnight 

By all accounts, Scotty McKnight will be remembered for having a prolific career at Colorado and was a solid pick by the New York Jets at No. 227. 

But most will speculate that McKnight's selection was a result of his friendship with New York quarterback and media darling Mark Sanchez.

Sanchez and McKnight have been friends since they grew up in Southern California and both were ball boys at Santa Margarita High School. The SoCal buds have stayed in touch ever since, with Sanchez even quarterbacking McKnight's pro day at Colorado.

In the same Pro Football Talk report, Sanchez vouched for McKnight's talent. Of course, he's not biased at all.

“He’s the best guy who didn’t go to the Combine,” Sanchez said regarding McKnight.  “He didn’t drop a ball [at the Pro Day workout].  He’d be a steal for someone.”

As it turns out, that "someone" is Sanchez' own team. Coincidence? We think not.