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2011 NFL Draft Grades: Delone Carter Gives Hope to Dismal Colts Running Game

2011 NFL Draft Grades are in for Colts Who Take Delone Carter Late

2011 NFL Draft Grades are in for the Indianapolis Colts, and their selection of Delone Carter went a long way to putting some depth at a position that has been an issue of late.

The Colts don't have a break away running back that can stay on the field. Joseph Addai seems to be more brittle with every game.

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Carter is in no way a featured back, yet. He lacks the speed and instincts that give be confidence that he will blaze the field for the Colts.

What he does bring is power and a great motor. He can figure into the rotation for short yardage, his specialty. He will bang away between the tackles for three yards at a time. He may not have the balance to speed through holes, but he succeeds a few yards at a time.

That is more than can be said for the Colts currently. adding another back will give their injury prone backfield some time off between downs. This will prove vital going forward.

Grade for this pick: B

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