2011 NFL Draft: Could Christian Ponder be the Best Quarterback Prospect?

The 2011 NFL Draft Saw The Rise of Christian Ponder After Senior Bowl Performance; Could He Be the Top Quarterback Prospect?

When you hear of the quarterback class of 2011, four people come to mind: Blaine Gabbert, Jake Locker, Cam Newton, and Ryan Mallett. All four have major question marks, and quite frankly, none are worth a first round pick in my mind.

One player whose great Senior Bowl week suggests he could be worth a high pick is Florida State quarterback Christian Ponder. Everyone was watching Jake Locker this past week when it was Ponder who continually improved and proved he was capable of being an NFL quarteraback.

Is he worth a first-round pick? Like the quarterbacks above, Ponder has many question marks, namely his durability and arm strength. If any teams are willing to work with that and groom him as a pocket passer, then Ponder could absolutely work as a second or third-round selection.

I would be more willing to risk a pick on someone who was a little weak or slow but could still perform well on the field, rather than a guy who looks like a great NFL quarterback but has failed to prove himself on the field (like Gabbert). The Senior Bowl MVP Award isn't given out lightly, and Ponder's win should cause many scouts to give him a good look.

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