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2011 NBA Playoffs: Russell Westbrook’s Play Will Determine Series with Grizzlies

2011 NBA Playoffs What Russell Westbrook Must Do To Help the Thunder Get Back on Track Against the Grizzlies

There's one word to describe the way in which Russell Westbrook attacks the basket


He's a gifted scorer at every level, but he definitely serves his team better when he stays away from frequently pulling from the outside.

In Game One against the Memphis Grizzlies, Westbrook forced the issue. His continual pull-up jumpers that didn't fall led to easy misses in the paint out of frustration.

He also had seven turnovers and only six assists.

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Westbrook is fully aware of his scoring talents, and he could be a number one threat on most NBA team's but with Kevin Durant next to him, he must be a facilitator on offense.

If he can attack the rim when he sees a lane, while spending the rest of his time looking for Serge Ibaka inside and Durant coming off screens on the perimeter, the Thunder will be nearly impossible to beat.

Leading the transition game is imperative for Westbrook, too. 

If he continues his ultra-aggressive, got-to-get-25-shots-a-game style, while always looking for the pass through a tight window, Oklahoma City is in a lot of trouble in their series with the Grizzlies.