2011 NBA Mock Draft: Is Josh Selby Really Worthy of Being a 1st Round Pick?

2011 NBA Mock Draft Breaks Down The Potential Of Kansas PG Josh Selby

Josh Selby left the University of Kansas after one very disappointing season.  With the 2011 draft class extremely weak, Selby actually has a chance to be a first-round pick based strictly on potential.  

Selby was a highly recruited point guard coming out of Kansas, but really lacks the basketball IQ of a true point guard.

During his limited playing time at Kansas, he looked more like a player who cared more about himself than the success of his team.  He was extremely inconsistent when he was on the floor and showed poor shot selection.  

However, Selby has the potential to be a first-round pick because of the weak draft class and his athleticism.  Selby looks the part of an NBA guard and has the athleticism to go with the body.  He has shown that he has solid range on his jump shot, but again he needs to improve on his shot selection.

ESPN analyst Chad Ford believes that the floor for Selby in the NBA draft is the New York Knicks,

"Kansas guard Josh Selby also drew positive reviews for his quickness and interviews. "He's rough around the edges, but interviewed much better than we expected," one NBA GM said. "I don't think most of our guards in the league can stay in front of him. He's not a point guard, but the Monta Ellis comparisons are right on." From everything I can gather, I think the Knicks are his floor right now."


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It is tough to fathom the Knicks being the floor for Selby, a player who was once barely projected to sneak into the first-round.

If Ford is correct it appears there is no chance of Selby falling out of the first-round or even to the bottom of the round.  

Selby has not exhibited the performances that are expected of a lottery pick, but for some reason or another teams appear to be falling in love with his athletic ability.


  1. Cleveland Cavaliers: Kyrie Irving
  2. Minnesota Timberwolves: Derrick Williams
  3. Utah Jazz: Brandon Knight
  4. Cleveland Cavaliers: Enes Kanter
  5. Toronto Raptors: Jonas Valanciunas
  6. Washington Wizards: Jan Vesely
  7. Sacramento Kings: Kemba Walker
  8. Detroit Pistons: Kawhi Leonard
  9. Charlotte Bobcats: Marcus Morris
  10. Milwaukee Bucks: Alec Burks
  11. Golden State Warriors: Tristan Thompson
  12. Utah Jazz: Markieff Morris
  13. Phoenix Suns: Jimmer Fredette
  14. Houston Rockets: Bismack Biyombo
  15. Indiana Pacers: Jordan Hamilton
  16. Philadelphia 76ers: Kenneth Faried
  17. New York Knicks: Klay Thompson
  18. Washington Wizards: Marshon Brooks
  19. Charlotte Bobcats: Chris Singleton
  20. Minnesota Timberwolves: Tyler Honeycutt
  21. Portland Trail Blazers: Reggie Jackson
  22. Denver Nuggets: Tobias Harris
  23. Houston Rockets: Nikola Mirotic
  24. Oklahoma City Thunder: Donatas Motiejunas
  25. Boston Celtics: Jordan Williams
  26. Dallas Mavericks: Davis Bertans
  27. New Jersey Nets: JaJuan Johnson
  28. Chicago Bulls: Josh Selby
  29. San Antonio Spurs: Justin Harper
  30. Chicago Bulls: Nolan Smith