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2011 NBA Mock Draft: All 30 Picks, Tobias Harris Goes to Rockets at No. 14

2011 NBA Mock Draft Sees Rockets Grab Scorer in Tobias Harris

As a freshman, Tennessee forward Tobias Harris averaged 15.3 points and 7.3 rebounds. The only reason he wasn't talked about more was because he was on the Volunteers, a team that went 19-15 despite some marvelous performances from Harris.

Harris is a multi-dimensional player beyond being a solid shooter. He's a smart, unselfish player that can handle the ball well and will rebound with above average ability at the small forward position in the NBA.

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Good Fit?

If the Houston Rockets were going solely with the best player available, they'd probably grab Kawhi Leonard or Marcus Morris with Jordan Hamilton and Jimmer Fredette off the board. But Harris isn't a reach at No. 14 and he fills a primary need as a scoring small forward. Chase Budinger is a good player, but it doesn't appear he'll be the one to make a difference for the team. And with no solid center prospects here and Luis Scola manning the power forward position, the most sense is going with Harris.

Pro Potential

Harris could get pushed around a little bit from the start at the small forward position in the NBA, listed at 226 pounds, and he's not an outstanding athlete, but he can score and rebound, and shows the heart to continue to improve. He already is looking like NBA material and he only played one year in college. He has more potential than people realize.

Pro Comparison?

Harris has the game of Boris Diaw with the potential to be much more. Some people are comparing him to former NBA star Glen Rice, and there is indeed a lot of similarities. I don't see Harris being another Glen Rice, but I think he will surpass Diaw as a player and even has the potential to be an All-Star.

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