2011 NBA Draft Results: Timberwolves No. 2 Selection Most Likely to Be Traded

NBA Trade Rumors Involving The Minnesota Timberwolves No. 2 Pick Continue to Swirl

The hottest commodity in the NBA right now is the No. 2 draft pick.

It's a foregone conclusion that the Cleveland Cavaliers fully intend to nab Kyrie Irving with the top pick— but with Kevin Love and Michael Beasley already on he roster—drafting Derrick Williams would merely crowd the field.

With the 6-9 Williams No. 1 on multiple teams boards, Minnesota has already fielded plenty of calls from teams looking to get in on the action. One NBA scout puts it in perspective:

This is probably the most likely pick to be moved. If they don't trade it immediately, they'll probably take the best player on the board and look to move it at a later date.

The LA Lakers already offered up Pau Gasol for the pick and Love. The Phoenix Suns have been in discussions with GM David Kahn about swapping Steve Nash for the selection. Kahn has told reporters that his phone has constantly been ringing for the last two weeks which means plenty of other unreported offers have been made.

With this being one of the weakest drafts in years, drafting a sure thing simply isn't an option after the first two picks. Scouts and talent evaluators know this and the bidding war for the pick is really heating up.

At this point if the Timberwolves keep the pick it would be a major upset.

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