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2011 NBA Draft Lottery: Will Jimmer Fredette Be a Top Ten Pick?

Jimmer Fredette was the best pure scorer in college basketball this season, and has shown the necessary offensive abilities to make scouts believe he will be an effective scorer in the NBA as well.

Fredette has NBA range from the outside, and can score off the dribble, fading away, and at the basket even when fouled hard. He literally can score in any way imaginable for a guard.

He also could play a bit of point guard in the NBA, and is an underrated passer and ball handler.

His weakness is his defense. Fredette is a poor one-on-one defender, and struggles to contain players who are quicker and stronger than he is.

Playing in the Mountain West Conference at BYU, Fredette did not face many elite scorers, and the improvement in talent he'll face in the NBA over the MWC might be difficult for him to adjust to.

Fredette's offensive abilities and popularity will help teams sell tickets and play an exciting style of basketball.

The Indiana Pacers are a team who might draft Jimmer around picks 10-12 in the first round.

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