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Drake – Seasonal Intuition 2 – Drake Mixtape Download

01 -Fall for Your Type [intro] [01:58]
02 -Fly Shit (Feat. T-Pain, Young Cash) [04:32]
03 -Mambo (Feat. Fito Blanko) [03:38]
04 -Over [03:58]
05 -Latitude (Feat. Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco) [04:24]
06 -Love and Gunz [00:56]
07 -I Do this (Remix) (Feat. Red Cafe) [02:27]
08 -Bed Rock [04:12]
(Feat. Lil Wayne, Lloyd) [unreleased Versi
09 -Say Something (Remix) [05:47]
(Feat. Timbaland, Fat Joe)
10 -Shut it Down (Feat. the Dream) [04:16]
11 -Make it Go Part 2 [04:17]
(Feat. Ron Browz, Belly)
12 -Get Over it [02:55]
13 -Put it Down (Feat. Bun B) [outro] [01:31]


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Eye Candy For The Week Shay Johnson aka Buckeey

Shay “Buckeey” Johnson’s Official Website:

Shay “Buckeey” Johnson on Myspace

Shay “Buckeey” Johnson from Flavor of Love Season 2. She is now a 5’5’ bomb shell with the measurements of 34-25-38. Many has recognized the star quality in her eyes and sensed her determination but most are mesmerized by her hour glass hips, wet lips, and her heart shaped ass.

In such a short time Shay has taken the acting/modeling ndustry by storm. She has featured in some of the most popular music videos from Jazzy Pha featuring C-Lo – Happy Hour, Bubba Sparxx – Miss New Booty, and newly chart topping Young Dro featuring T.I. – Shoulder Lean.

Shay is currently on the cover of the October 2006 King issue. Be sure to check out the up and coming Smooth Magazine. Shay has also blessed the pages of prompted major hair care magazines such as Sophisticate’s Black Hair, Style Q, and Metro Style’s Hair. Her striking beauty has landed the Title of Miss Atlanta Bike Fest 2005. Shay would describe herself as a strong minded woman with “Beauty and the Booty”.

2XL- Magic (video) Principal
Stomp The Yard Student Rain Forest Films
Young Dro – Shoulder Lean (video) Principal Fat Cats
Bubba Sparxx – Ms. New (video) Principal Fat Cats
Pruple Ribon All Stars-Happy Hour (video) Principal Fat Cats

Charm School Reality Show VH1
Flavor of Love 2 Reality Show VH1
Maury Povich Show Invited Celebrity Guest
Tyra Banks Show Invited Guest FOX
Dime Piece the Reality Principal MTV

Word Up Magazine
King Magazine Cover
In Touch Magazine
Smooth Magazine Six Page Spread
BlackMen Magazine
Grip Magazine
Sophisticates Black Hair Magazine Reader Corner
Style Q Hair Magazine
Metro Style Hair Magazine

Nocturnal Night Club Principal

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Dr. Conrad Murray Says Michael Jackson Killed Himself

Multiple sources familiar with the strategy tell TMZ the defense argument goes like this:

- At around 10:50 AM, Dr. Murray gave Jackson 25 mg of Propofol from a 20 ml bottle — that’s only about 1/8 of the bottle.

- The dose Dr. Murray administered would keep someone asleep for only 5 to 10 minutes, But the Propofol, along with the Ativan and Versed that was already in MJ’s system, had a synergistic effect that put Jackson to sleep for a longer period of time.

- For the next hour, Dr. Murray stayed in the room and was on the phone for much of the time. Dr. Murray didn’t leave the room to make the calls because MJ liked activity in the room, regularly sleeping with the lights on and cartoons blaring on the TV.

- At around noon, Dr. Murray left the room for approximately two minutes to go to the bathroom. While he was gone, the defense believes Jackson suddenly awakened and was frustrated he had spent nearly 9 hours trying in vain to sleep. The defense theory — Jackson took the 20 ml bottle of Propofol and self-injected the remaining contents through the IV, causing a massive overdose that stopped his heart.

- Dr. Murray walked back in the room and saw Jackson with his eyes open and pupils dilated. Dr. Murray dropped the phone (he was speaking with his girlfriend) and began administering CPR.

The defense will argue Michael Jackson was a long-time Propofol addict — something TMZ first reported shortly after the singer’s death. As one source said, Jackson liked the sensation of Propofol being administered by IV, adding, “Michael liked to push it.”

L.A. County Coroner’s investigators took a picture in the room, showing an empty Propofol bottle on the floor, underneath the nightstand by Jackson’s bed. The defense will argue Jackson grabbed the bottle from the nightstand, injected himself and then dropped the bottle.

Remember, law enforcement believes Dr. Murray hid bottles of Propofol before paramedics arrived. The defense will argue … if Dr. Murray was really hiding Propofol, he would have removed the empty bottle under the nightstand that caused Jackson’s death.


Courtesy of Freddyo

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