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Rottweiler Vicously Attacks Owner’s Pitbull! (Man Pulls Out His 9mm & Shoots It)

Posted: 15th March 2010 by Jay in News, world
Tags: 9mm, cops, dogs, itchy fingers, , plain clothes, rottweiler

Just to let The viewers know the men shooting the dog where plain clothes officers. My Opinion get the owner to get his/her dog, as you can clearly see the dog was only vicious to the other dog and did not try to attack anyone but the dog. Common sense would be split the dogs [...]

From Marcy To Madison St (Lupe Fiasco Vs Jay-Z) Mixtape

Posted: 15th March 2010 by Jay in Hip Hop, Mixtapes
Tags: conflict diamonds, diamonds are forever, dynasty, , jay z dear summer, jay z ignorant shit, jay_z_Mixtape, lupe fiasco, Lupe_fiasco_mixtape, Lupe_fiasco_vs_jayz_mixtape, madison st, marcy,

02-Jay-Z-Where I’m From
03-Lupe Fiasco-Angels
04-Jay-Z-So Ghetto
05-Lupe Fiasco-So Ghetto
06-Lupe Fiasco-Pressure
08-Lupe Fiasco-Sittin Sidewayz
09-Jay-Z-Sittin Sidewayz
10-Lupe Fiasco-Sittin Sidewayz
11-Jay-Z-Dynasty Intro
12-Lupe Fiasc-Dynasty Intro
13-Jay-Z-Dear Summer
14-Lupe Fiasco-Dear Fall
15-Jay-Z-Thank You
16-Lupe Fiasco-Thank You
17-Jay-Z-Dead Presidents
18-Lupe Fiasco-Dead Presidents
19-Jay-Z-Ignorant Shit
20-Lupe Fiasco-Ignorant Shit
21-Jay-Z-You, Me. Him, Her
22-Lupe Fiasco-You, Me, Him Her
23-Jay-Z-Diamonds Are Forever
24-Lupe Fiasco-Conflict Diamonds

DJ Ant-Lo – Radio Play 6.1 | Radio Play 6.1 Mixtape

Posted: 15th March 2010 by Jay in Hip Hop, Mixtapes, R&B
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1. (00:03:17) T.I. – I’m Back
2. (00:03:30) Drake – Over
3. (00:02:49) Young Jeezy - Trap Or Die 2 Reloaded
4. (00:03:41) Young Jeezy - Lose My Mind (Feat. Plies)
5. (00:03:37) 8Ball & MJG – Bring It Back (Feat. Young Dro)
6. (00:03:18) Plies – Awesome
7. (00:03:42) Webbie – My People
8. (00:04:05) Mouse On The Track – Rubbin’ On My
Head (Remix) (Feat. Lil Boosie & [...]

La Profecy, DJ Diggz & DJ Lust – Piff On Wax 24 (Harlem Nights Preview)

Posted: 15th March 2010 by Jay in Mixtapes, Rap
Tags: dj diggz, Dj Lust, harlem nights, piff, Piff_on_wax_24_Mixtape, profecy

01 – A-Mafia-Fidel Castro
02 – A Mafia- We Back A-Mafia Drop
03 – Vado La Profecy Drop
04 – Vado -Large In The Streets
05 – Vado-Got To Get Mine
06 – Camron Ft Vado Un Clap
07 – Camron-Vintage
08 – Graph Ft Cassidy Maino Jim Jones Bun B Red Cafe-Br
09 – Vado-No Turning Back
10 – Meek Mill-Leering
11 – Vado- Exclusive
12 – Jadakiss [...]

DJ Moe Sticky & DJ Big Biz – RnB State Of Mind 12

Posted: 15th March 2010 by Jay in Mixtapes, R&B
Tags: Rnb_state_of_mind_12, RnB_state_of_mind_Mixtape