20 Quickest Pairs of Feet in World Football

Who knew dribbling could be such a hot topic?

When I did a list of the world's best dribblers last week, I didn't expect the vociferous response that came afterwards. Like any writer, I figured everyone would agree with my choices and recognize my general awesomeness.

Well, that wasn't exactly how it went.

B/R's knowledgeable readers—I think they've got to be among the smartest out there—pointed out a bunch of omissions. Some of them I'd carefully considered. Others I hadn't thought of at all.

So what we have here is a list of the 20 quickest pairs of feet in world football.

My original list of dribblers is still there, with a few minor textual changes here and there. That list forms the final 10 slides of this one.

The rest come directly from you, the readers.

Please go easy on me this time.

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